March 2024 :: Case Studies

Former Bunnings Mascot Site

The $70m off-market sale of the former Bunnings Alexandria site underscores Joshua Charles's exceptional abilities as a real estate professional and highlights One Commercial's commitment to delivering superior outcomes for their clients.


The former Bunnings Alexandria site stood as an iconic landmark within Sydney's real estate landscape, boasting significant commercial potential and historical significance. Despite its desirability, the property was not officially listed for sale, presenting a challenge in finding the right buyer who could recognize its value and meet the owner's expectations.


The primary challenge faced by Joshua Charles and the team at One Commercial was to identify a qualified buyer willing to engage in an off-market transaction for the former Bunnings Alexandria site. This required a deep understanding of the market dynamics and an ability to anticipate buyer preferences and motivations.


Leveraging their expertise and extensive network within the real estate industry, Joshua Charles and One Commercial devised a strategic approach to market the property discreetly to potential buyers. By harnessing their insights into buyer behavior and market trends, they identified a select group of individuals and organizations poised to capitalize on the unique opportunity presented by the Bunnings Alexandria site.


Through proactive outreach and targeted engagement, Joshua Charles and the team at One Commercial successfully introduced a qualified buyer to the former Bunnings Alexandria site. Despite the property not being officially listed, the buyer recognized its intrinsic value and expressed a strong interest in acquiring it. This led to negotiations facilitated by Joshua Charles, culminating in a mutually beneficial agreement valued at $70 million.


The off-market sale of the former Bunnings Alexandria site represented a significant achievement for Joshua Charles and One Commercial. By leveraging their market insights and strategic acumen, they were able to secure a lucrative deal for the property owner while providing the buyer with a coveted piece of real estate in one of Sydney's most sought-after locations.

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